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Hillel Rapoport

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Hillel Rapoport is Professor of Economics at the Paris School of Economics, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, where he holds the Chair of International Migration Economics. He is also scientific adviser at CEPII and research fellow at IZA, CESifo, Harvard CID, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Luxembourg Institute for Socio-Economic Researh (LISER), the European Development Network (EUDN) and the Rockwool Foundation Berlin Institute for the Economy and the Future of Work (RFBerlin). A member of Bar-Ilan University until 2013, he held visiting positions at Stanford University (in 2001-03) and at Harvard University (in 2009-11). Since 2008 he is the scientific coordinator of the “Migration and Development” annual conferences jointly organized by the World Bank and the French Development Agency. His research focuses on the growth and developmental impact of migration and on the economics of immigration, diversity, and refugees’ integration.

Featured publications

The Review of Economics and Statistics, January 2022

Migration and Knowledge Diffusion: The Effect of Returning Refugees on Export Performance in the Former Yugoslavia

Dany Bahar, Andreas Hauptmann, Cem Özgüzel, Hillel Rapoport

The Economic Journal, May 2019

Can Internal Migration Foster the Convergence in Regional Fertility Rates? Evidence from 19th Century France

Guillaume Daudin, Raphaël Franck, Hillel Rapoport

European Economic Review, April 2019

The effect of language training on immigrants’ economic integration: Empirical evidence from France

Alexia Lochmann, Hillel Rapoport, Biagio Speciale

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, July 2017

The Effect of Labor Migration on the Diffusion of Democracy: Evidence from a Former Soviet Republic

Toman Barsbai, Hillel Rapoport, Andreas Steinmayr, Christoph Trebesch

Journal of Economic Growth, 2016

Birthplace diversity and economic prosperity

Alberto Alesina, Johann Harnoss, Hillel Rapoport