We conduct independent research into significant challenges to the economy, society and the welfare state in a global world.


The ROCKWOOL Foundation Berlin Institute for the Economy and the Future of Work (RFBerlin) provides new knowledge to inform and raise the standard of public debate, and to create the best possible basis for policy making.

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Equity, Inclusion & Opportunity
Equity, Inclusion & Opportunity
Migration & Global Collaboration
Migration & Global Collaboration
Technology, Trade & Human Capital
Technology, Trade & Human Capital

Discussion papers

No. 12/24 - May 2024

The Relationship between Social Capital and Migrant Integration, Ethnic Diversity, and Spatial Sorting

Matthew Roskruge, Jacques Poot

No. 11/24 - April 2024

Public and Parental Investments, and Children’s Skill Formation

Miriam Gensowski, Rasmus Landersø, Philip Dale, Anders Højen, Laura Justice, Dorthe Bleses

No. 10/24 - April 2024

Partial Legalization and Parallel Markets: The Effect of Lawful Crossing on Unlawful Crossing at the US Southwest Border

Michael A. Clemens

No. 09/24 - April 2024

Wind of Change? Cultural Determinants of Maternal Labor Supply

Barbara Boelmann, Anna Raute, Uta Schönberg

Upcoming events

RFBerlin regularly hosts events to promote scientific research and collaboration.

RFBerlin event

19 October 2023

Panel Discussion on “The Future of Work”

Panelists: David Autor (MIT), Kerwin K. Charles (Yale), David Deming (Harvard), and Ioana Marinescu (University of Pennsylvania).

Chair: Chris Giles, Economics Editor, The Financial Times.

19 Oct – 21 Oct 2023

Conference for the Handbook of Labor Economics, Volume 5 and 6

Handbook Editors: Christian Dustmann and Thomas Lemieux

RFBerlin event

27 Sep – 1 Nov 2023

Joint Course “Effective Programming Practices for Economists” by RFBerlin and the Berlin School of Economics (BSE)


RFBerlin research and researchers are regularly featured in the press.


13 Jun 2024

Handbook Talk with David Deming: What is the college wage premium and how will AI change college education?
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a colorful photo of a busy street, masses of people blurred in motion
Articles Global Migration Information Hub

10 May 2024 • Population and Development Review

As remittances rise sharply, we need to rethink established concepts of demographic support | By Lukas Tohoff
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Articles Global Migration Information Hub

19 Jan 2024 • VoxEU

From Refugees to Citizens: Understanding Labor Market Returns to Naturalization | By research associate Francesco Fasani, deputy director GMIH Tommaso Frattini and Maxime Pirot on VoxEU
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