RFBerlin regularly hosts seminars, workshops, and other events that attract leading speakers from around the world.

RFBerlin event

19 October 2023

Panel Discussion on “The Future of Work”

Panelists: David Autor (MIT), Kerwin K. Charles (Yale), David Deming (Harvard), and Ioana Marinescu (University of Pennsylvania).

Chair: Chris Giles, Economics Editor, The Financial Times.

19 Oct – 21 Oct 2023

Conference for the Handbook of Labor Economics, Volume 5 and 6

Handbook Editors: Christian Dustmann and Thomas Lemieux

RFBerlin event

27 Sep – 1 Nov 2023

Joint Course “Effective Programming Practices for Economists” by RFBerlin and the Berlin School of Economics (BSE)

31 Aug – 2 Sep 2023

CReAM-RFBerlin Workshop 2023

CReAM annual workshop

RFBerlin event

27 Mar – 28 Mar 2023

RFBerlin Workshop

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