Job Openings for Doctoral Students in Applied/Labour Economics

Posted: 11 January 2024
Deadline: 11 February 2024

Location: Berlin

ROCKWOOL FOUNDATION BERLIN – Institute for the Economy and the Future of Work (RFBerlin) invites applications for several doctoral positions. Candidates must apply through the Berlin School of Economics PhD Program. Applicants should have a Master’s degree in economics or business studies and have performed exceptionally well in their studies. Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for the program if they also apply for a Master’s program offering a fast track option.

RFBerlin is a new research institute directed by Christian Dustmann and Alexandra Spitz-Oener, funded by the ROCKWOOL Foundation. It is focused on applied and data driven research into significant and relevant challenges to the welfare state in a globalised world. The Institute aims to inform and raise the standard of public debate, and to create the best possible basis for political decision making by producing research that is impartial, based on objective scientific principles and adheres to the highest standards of academic excellence.

This call is for projects headed by RFBerlin project leaders Jerome Adda, Sascha O. Becker, Thomas Cornelissen, Christian Dustmann, Tommaso Frattini, Guido Friebel, Albrecht Glitz, Uta Schoenberg, Andrea Weber, Josef Zweimueller, Fabrizio Colella, Jan Nimczik and Alexandra Spitz-Oener. The research is concerned with a wide range of social and economic issues such as health and the labour market, regional inequalities, knowledge spillovers, globalisation and economic espionage, technology, organization and management of work, and migration. Please consult the RFBerlin website for the scope of our work in general.

RFBerlin is an integral part of the Berlin School of Economics, which offers a unique and vibrant research community for exceptional doctoral candidates. The program combines high-level academic research with practical, policy-oriented research opportunities. It consists of two phases: the Qualification Phase, spanning approximately three semesters, during which students receive methodological and research-oriented training and define their research area; and the Dissertation Phase, lasting about three years, during which students complete their doctoral thesis and gain practical research experience. The PhD is awarded by one of the BSoE universities, typically associated with the student’s first supervisor. Importantly, there are no tuition fees, and funding is provided throughout the program. During the Qualification Phase, students receive a monthly stipend, and during the Dissertation Phase, funding is secured through employment at RFBerlin.

To join RFBerlin as a PhD student, you must apply through the Berlin School of Economics. You can apply to the Berlin School of Economics PhD program here. The call for applications to the Berlin School of Economics PhD Program for an intake into the program in October 2024 is open until February 11, 2024, 11:59 p.m. CET. For further information on the Institute, please refer to and feel free to contact [email protected] if you have any questions.