RFBerlin’s research has a strong economic focus, with an emphasis on applied and data driven research on significant and relevant challenges to the welfare state in a global world. Our work is carried out impartially and based on objective scientific principles, adhering to the highest standards of academic excellence. The goals of our research are to inform, to raise the standard of public debate and to create the best possible basis for political decision making.

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RFBerlin’s research agenda is organised into 3 main themes.

Equity, Inclusion & Opportunity
Equity, Inclusion & Opportunity
Migration & Global Collaboration
Migration & Global Collaboration
Technology, Trade & Human Capital
Technology, Trade & Human Capital

Discussion Papers

No. 08/24 - February 2024

Immigrant Diversity and Long-Run Development

Luigi Minale, Rudi Rocha, Bruno Vigna

No. 07/24 - February 2024

External Pay Transparency and the Gender Wage Gap

Wolfgang Frimmel, Bernhard Schmidpeter, Rene Wiesinger, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer

No. 06/24 - February 2024

Persistent Effects of Social Program Participation on the Third Generation

Gordon B. Dahl, Anne C. Gielen

No. 05/24 - February 2024

Diversity and Discrimination in the Classroom

Dan Anderberg, Gordon B. Dahl, Christina Felfe, Helmut Rainer, Thomas Siedler

No. 04/24 - February 2024

Global Labor Market Power

Francesco Amodio, Emanuele Brancati, Peter Brummund, Nicolás de Roux, Michele Di Maio

No. 03/24 - February 2024

Unintended Consequences of Money-Laundering Regulations

Fabrizio Colella, Keith E. Maskus, Alessandro Peri

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