Guido Friebel
Project leader

Guido Friebel

Project Leader


Guido Friebel is professor of human resources at Goethe University in Frankfurt. His research is on human resources, organizational and personnel economics. He carries out randomized controlled trials (RCTs) with and within firms and analyze observational career and promotion data. He also does applied theory on careers and talent management. His second main field of interest is how institutions shape the accumulation and allocation of human capital, focusing on problems of families, gender, and migration. 

Friebel is a fellow at CEPRIZA, and President-Elect of SIOE, a founding member of the Organizational Economics Committee of the German Economic Association (VfS), a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Sciences Po, and of ConTrust at Goethe University. He is also Scientific Director of CLBO.

Before joining Goethe, Friebel held positions at the Toulouse School of Economics and EHESS, and at SITE, Stockholm School of Economics.

Featured publications

Journal of Political Economy, Forthcoming

What Do Employee Referral Programs Do? Measuring the Direct and Overall Effects of a Management Practice

Guido Friebel, Matthias Heinz, Mitchell Hoffman, Nick Zubanov

PNAS, April 2022

Underrepresentation of Women in the Economics Profession More Pronounced in the United States Compared to Heterogeneous Europe

Emmanuelle Auriol, Guido Friebel, Alisa Weinberger, Sascha Wilhelm

Management Science, January 2002

Middle Managers, Personnel Turnover, and Performance: A Long‐Term Field Experiment in a Retail Chain

Guido Friebel , Matthias Heinz, Nikolay Zubanov

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, November 2019

Trust the Police? Self-Selection of Motivated Agents into the German Police Force

Guido Friebel, Michael Kosfeld, Gerd Thielmann

American Economic Review, August 2017

Team Incentives and Performance: Evidence from a Retail Chain

Guido Friebel, Matthias Heinz, Miriam Krueger, Nikolay Zubanov