Hyejin Ku
Research staff

Hyejin Ku

Research Associate


Hyejin Ku is Associate Professor of Economics at University College London. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics at Cornell University. Her research interests include labour economics, personnel economics, and economic growth and development.

Featured publications

Journal of Labor Economics, April 2022

Does minimum wage increase labor productivity? Evidence from piece rate workers

Hyejin Ku

Journal of Public Economics, November 2020

Do place-based tax incentives create jobs?

Hyejin Ku, Uta Schönberg, Ragnhild C. Schreiner

The Economic Journal, November 2019

Is China’s pollution the culprit for the choking of South Korea? Evidence from the Asian dust

Ruixue Jia, Hyejin Ku

Journal of Development Economics, June 2019

The effect of wage subsidies on piece rate workers: Evidence from the Penny Per Pound program in Florida

Hyejin Ku

Labour Economics, October 2018

Why are single-sex schools successful?

Christian Dustmann, Hyejin Ku, Do Won Kwak