Josef Zweimüller
Project leader

Josef Zweimüller

Project Leader

Josef Zweimüller is Professor of Macroeconomics and Labour Markets at the University of Zurich.

He studied Economics at the University of Linz, Austria, and held post-doc positions at Berkeley and Stanford in 1991-1993. Before moving to Zurich in 1997, he was employed at the University of Linz and the Institute of Advanced Studies in Vienna. He was a visiting scholar in Berkeley in spring 2015. Between 2009 and 2015 he was co-director of the Labour Economics Programme, CEPR London.

His research interests include the labour market effects of social insurance programs (UI, DI, family policies, pensions), unemployment research and migration.  His work has been published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, American Economic Review, Econometrica, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Labor Economics, among others.

Featured publications

Econometrica, forthcoming

Designing Disability Insurance Reforms: Tightening Eligibility Rules or Cutting Benefits?

Andreas Haller, Stefan Staubli, Josef Zweimüller

Review of Economic Studies, May 2023

Vacancy Durations and Entry Wages: Evidence from Linked Vacancy-Employer-Employee Data

Andreas I Mueller, Damian Osterwalder, Josef Zweimüller, Andreas Kettemann

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, forthcoming

Do Family Policies Shape the Evolution of Gender Inequality? Evidence from 60 Years of Policy Experimentation

Henrik Kleven, Camille Landais, Johanna Posch, Andreas Steinhauer, Josef Zweimüller

Quarterly Journal of Economics, November 2020

Wages and the Value of Nonemployment

Simon Jäger, Benjamin Schoefer, Samuel Young, Josef Zweimüller

American Economic Review, December 2015

Market Externalities of Large Unemployment Insurance Extension Programs

Rafael Lalive, Camille Landais, Josef Zweimüller