Qinyue Luo
Research staff

Qinyue Luo

Senior Research Officer


Qinyue is currently a PhD Student in Economics at National University of Singapore and a postdoctoral researcher at Rockwool Foundation Berlin from 2023. Qinyue holds a BSc from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen.

Her research interested are concentrated in the fields of labor economics, the economics of education and development economics. Her completed research falls into two areas. One set of work tries to understand factors that exacerbate inequality and hinder the education attainments or labor market performance of disadvantaged social groups, such as females, non-locals, and older workers. Another set of studies focus on how skills are valued over time and across regions, the response of skill demand to technology development and policy shocks, as well as job seekers’ adjustments to change in skill demand in the labor market.