Thomas Cornelissen
Project leader

Thomas Cornelissen

Project Leader


Thomas Cornelissen is a Professor of Economics at the University of Essex, United Kingdom. He works in the fields of empirical labour economics and applied microeconometrics, in particular in the economics of education and personnel economics. His current research interests include topics such as peer effects among co-workers, intergenerational transmission of health and human capital, and spatial spillovers of violent conflict on health and human capital. His works have in published among others in American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Labour Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Economics of Education Review, Economics Letters, The Stata Journal, and German Economic Review. Thomas is also a research fellow at the Centre of Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM) and of the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA).

Featured publications

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, May 2019

Early School Exposure, Test Scores, and Noncognitive Outcomes

Thomas Cornelissen, Christian Dustmann

Journal of Political Economy, December 2018

Who benefits from universal child care? Estimating marginal returns to early child care attendance

Thomas Cornelissen, Christian Dustmann, Anna Raute, Uta Schönberg

American Economic Review, February 2017

Peer Effects in the Workplace

Thomas Cornelissen, Christian Dustmann, Uta Schönberg

ZA World of Labor, November 2016

Do social interactions in the workplace lead to productivity spillover among co-workers?

Thomas Cornelissen

Labour Economics, August 2016

From LATE to MTE: Alternative Methods for the Evaluation of Policy Interventions

Thomas Cornelissen, Christian Dustmann, Anna Raute, Uta Schönberg