Uta Schönberg
Project leader

Uta Schönberg

Project Leader


Uta Schönberg is a Professor of Economics at University College London, a Researcher at the Nuremberg Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and Deputy Director of the Centre of Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM). Her research is in applied microeconomics, with a special interest in wage inequality and wage dynamics; family economics; the economics of education; and the economics of migration. Her work has appeared in leading journals including the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the American Economic Review, and the Journal of Political Economy. Uta is a two-times European Research Council (ERC) grant holder and was awarded the Philipp Leverhulme Prize in 2016 and a British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship in 2021. She served as Joint Managing Editor at the Review of Economic Studies between 2016 and 2021.

Featured publications

Journal of Human Resources, forthcoming

The effects of sun intensity during pregnancy and in the first 12 months of life on childhood obesity

Christian Dustmann, Malte Sandner, Uta Schönberg

The Quarterly Journal of Economics, February 2022

Reallocation Effects of the Minimum Wage

Christian Dustmann, Attila Lindner, Uta Schönberg, Matthias Umkehrer, Philipp vom Berge

Journal of the European Economic Association, February 2020

Spillover Effects of Mass Layoffs

Christina Gathmann, Ines Helm, Uta Schönberg

Journal of Political Economy, December 2018

Who benefits from universal childcare? Estimating marginal returns to early childcare attendance

Thomas Cornelissen, Christian Dustmann, Anna Raute, and Uta Schönberg

American Economic Review, February 2017

Peer Effects in the Workplace

Thomas Cornelissen, Christian Dustmann, Uta Schönberg