Discussion Papers

No. 09/24 - April 2024

Wind of Change? Cultural Determinants of Maternal Labor Supply

Barbara Boelmann, Anna Raute, Uta Schönberg

No. 08/24 - February 2024

Immigrant Diversity and Long-Run Development

Luigi Minale, Rudi Rocha, Bruno Vigna

No. 07/24 - February 2024

External Pay Transparency and the Gender Wage Gap

Wolfgang Frimmel, Bernhard Schmidpeter, Rene Wiesinger, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer

No. 06/24 - February 2024

Persistent Effects of Social Program Participation on the Third Generation

Gordon B. Dahl, Anne C. Gielen

No. 05/24 - February 2024

Diversity and Discrimination in the Classroom

Dan Anderberg, Gordon B. Dahl, Christina Felfe, Helmut Rainer, Thomas Siedler

No. 04/24 - February 2024

Global Labor Market Power

Francesco Amodio, Emanuele Brancati, Peter Brummund, Nicolás de Roux, Michele Di Maio

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