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12 Dec 2023 • Nobel Week Dialogue

Director Christian Dustmann on the Economics of Migration at the Nobel Week Dialogue
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7 Dec 2023 • Journal of the European Economic Association

Work by David Card, Director Christian Dustmann and Ian Preston selected among the most influencial papers in the First 20 Years of the Journal of the European Economic Association
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Announcement Global Migration Information Hub

6 Dec 2023 • Global Migration Information Hub

Global Migration Dashboard goes live
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26 Nov 2023

Project Leader Andrea Weber on International Migration in the European Union
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22 Nov 2023 • RÆSON

Comment on the Crisis Regulation on migration by the EU Council by Tommaso Frattini on the Danish outlet RÆSON
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12 Nov 2023

Project Leader Jan Nimczik on Workplace connections, Migration, and Firm quality: Evidence from German Reunification
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